TPSC uses specialist intelligence teams who are able to procure information for private and corporate clients. The methods employed by us are extremely discreet, legal and very effective. Our agents are able to gain useful information about individuals, and companies and their employees. We are able to trace and monitor their movements, communications, contacts, financial deals and assets. For corporate operations we are able to obtain information about companies, competitors, directors, company’s future and present plans as well as finance, hidden deals, mergers acquisitions and also staff.

Corporate intelligence services

When a company needs to make an important commercial decision, they need to rely on facts, information data and knowledge of outside influences. If the information available at the time of making a decision is inaccurate or there are vital details missing the result can be at the least embarrassing, but could also be catastrophic for the company concerned.

Tanzania Private Investigation agency team of intelligence agents are able to provide accurate information that is needed to make an informed decision. They will work quietly and effectively to ensure that all the facts are extracted and validated, before being passed discreetly on to the client. Tanzania Private Investigation agency professional intelligence service can also be extremely beneficial to a company wishing to gain the "informed advantage" over another competitor

Private intelligence services

Our agents also have experience in obtaining personal information on individuals in a highly discreet and covert manner. They can search into someone's background to reveal truths about their past and present, we can investigate the movements of a partner, we can access data at almost any level to establish the facts, we can investigate calls and communications, purchases, travel, applications, and validate the information we gain before passing it back to the client

Counter Intelligence.

As part of our corporate services, it may be necessary to ensure the security of our clients privacy. This is carried out by our counter intelligence team and can be a one off service or part of an ongoing security measure.


What we offer

General investigation, Missing Person, Tracing Debtors, Child abuse or molestation, Cheating Spouses, Insurance Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Arson and Fire loss Investigation, Unsolved crime Investigation, Surveillance, Private Clients, Corporate Clients, Computer forensics Investigation, Undercover Investigations, White-collar Crime, Intelligence Services, photographic evidence, Fraud Prevention, criminal and civil legal cases, fraud,  theft, stolen or counterfeit goods

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