Always the truth sets you free and this is what Tanzania Private Investigation Agency does,
we bring you the truth in front of your eyes, we clear your doubts and worries.
We will trace a lost friend, if you have any doubts that your spouse is cheating on you,
someone is not tell this truth about him/herself, we will uncover the truth for you.
Today, basic due diligence with regards to pre-employment background screening is the responsibility of the employer. Deceitful job candidates who lie about their credentials or their previous employment record become a liability and a potential insurance risk to their new employer. Our professionals with years of investigative experience should conduct these background searches because they always go beyond the contacts provided by the job applicant to ensure the information is accurate and legitimate.


What we offer

General investigation, Missing Person, Tracing Debtors, Child abuse or molestation, Cheating Spouses, Insurance Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Arson and Fire loss Investigation, Unsolved crime Investigation, Surveillance, Private Clients, Corporate Clients, Computer forensics Investigation, Undercover Investigations, White-collar Crime, Intelligence Services, photographic evidence, Fraud Prevention, criminal and civil legal cases, fraud,  theft, stolen or counterfeit goods

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