Crime is ballooning every year at an alarming rate in almost every place in the world. As hard as they work, local police departments usually don't have the manpower to give every crime the attention it needs, and, even when they do, each crime is just a cog in a giant government bureaucracy, a case number and a set of facts. That's why our clients favor TPSC when it comes to criminal investigations.

With agents and investigators who come from the best of law enforcement backgrounds, combined with our committed approach to customer service, we dedicate ourselves to exceeding expectations and giving each case the time, attention, and resources it deserves. We're not beholden to a vast bureaucracy for our paycheck, and we are therefore, the elite within the criminal investigations field. For us, a criminal investigation isn't a file in some vast government cabinet... it's a living, breathing, personal part of your life, and ours.

TPSC investigates major crimes such as rape, murder, serious assault, fraud, and any other offences that require complex detection. Acting upon intelligence received and then building a case, from analysis of the initial incident through to arrest and prosecution of any suspects.

  • Domestic violence
  • Death investigation

Latent Prints: When most people think of investigation, their minds immediately bring to mind the classic image of a detective dusting gently for fingerprints, and lifting them off with a piece of tape. As a full-service private investigation agency, TPSC naturally offers fingerprint lifting, that timeless hallmark of the detective.

  • Child Recovery
  • Internal Theft



What we offer

General investigation, Missing Person, Tracing Debtors, Child abuse or molestation, Cheating Spouses, Insurance Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Arson and Fire loss Investigation, Unsolved crime Investigation, Surveillance, Private Clients, Corporate Clients, Computer forensics Investigation, Undercover Investigations, White-collar Crime, Intelligence Services, photographic evidence, Fraud Prevention, criminal and civil legal cases, fraud,  theft, stolen or counterfeit goods

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Is your husband/wife/
companion cheating on you?
Let us catch them for you. We catch:
-Unfaithful husbands
-Unfaithful wives
-Unfaithful companions
Missing Person
Tracing Debtors
Child abuse or molestation
Cheating Spouses
Insurance Investigation
Criminal Investigation
Fire loss Investigation
Unsolved crime Investigation
Private Clients
Corporate Clients
Computer forensics Investigation



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