White-collar crime often doesn't make the news, because it's not as dramatic as something like a murder or a bank robbery of a hostage situation. Still, white-collar criminals cost companies and governments billions of money every year and ruin thousands of lives, whether it can be with bribery, public corruption, counterfeiting, fraud, or embezzlement.


When conducting a white-collar criminal investigation, you need investigators with the sharpest technical skills in order to outsmart and catch the crooks. That's where TPSC comes in. Our investigators are handpicked and have years of experience in their fields of investigation. TPSC gives you the edge you need to find the truth.




What we offer

General investigation, Missing Person, Tracing Debtors, Child abuse or molestation, Cheating Spouses, Insurance Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Arson and Fire loss Investigation, Unsolved crime Investigation, Surveillance, Private Clients, Corporate Clients, Computer forensics Investigation, Undercover Investigations, White-collar Crime, Intelligence Services, photographic evidence, Fraud Prevention, criminal and civil legal cases, fraud,  theft, stolen or counterfeit goods


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Is your husband/wife/
companion cheating on you?
Let us catch them for you. We catch:
-Unfaithful husbands
-Unfaithful wives
-Unfaithful companions
Missing Person
Tracing Debtors
Child abuse or molestation
Cheating Spouses
Insurance Investigation
Criminal Investigation
Fire loss Investigation
Unsolved crime Investigation
Private Clients
Corporate Clients
Computer forensics Investigation



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