Unsolved Crime Investigation: Have the police detectives let you down by not solving a crime involving you or someone that you love? The recent on slot of “cold case” television shows may have gotten you thinking that the unsolved crime that still haunts you may still be solvable.

 The private investigators we task to unsolved crime investigations are some of the most tenacious agents available, finding their way to TPSC based on their reputation in law enforcement. Outside of law enforcement, our investigators begin to surpass police investigations. Without the constraint and the bureaucracy that law enforcement tangles with, our investigators get results. Our teams, augmented with highly talented specialists from many industries, bring justice to unsolved crimes, including some of the most hard-to-solve cases.

Given the fact that police resources are stretched to the limit solving fresh crimes, it will be difficult, if not impossible to interest the police in re-opening an old case long after the trail has gone cold. At TPSC, we believe that no crime is unsolvable regardless of how much time has transpired since it occurred. Our investigators will pursue your case with the vigor that police reserve for recent crimes, knowing that you will not be able to rest until the case that interests you is brought to justice.

When our skilled investigators reopen your cold case they will use a number of investigative methods to bring new facts to light. By identifying new leads, developing new theories, substantiating the original sequence of events, interviewing past witnesses and identifying new witnesses, they will uncover more clues to the crime than previously obtained. Applying new techniques such as DNA analysis to crime scene investigation, our investigators will be able to isolate likely suspects that police had no way of identifying in years gone by. By interacting with local authorities and obtaining police reports, case files, and evidence logs, our experts will be able reconstruct the crime as though it happened yesterday.

Some cases will never be solved regardless of how much effort is put forth. Drug-related homicides and gang crimes are among those cases that frequently remain unsolved, since the crime is often random and without motive and witnesses are commonly too scared to talk. However, when law-abiding citizens, children, and the elderly become victims of crime, a likely suspect and clear motive almost always exists. The key to solving these cases is experience, determination, time and persistence, all characteristics that our investigators possess.

We have the expertise to investigate a number of different kinds of crimes including but not limited to:

Unsolved crime investigations often times carry an uneven emotional burden for our clients. Imagine finally having resolution, after so many years of not knowing.

Some of the unsolved crime cases we handle:

  • Abuse of the Disabled
  • Child Abuse
  • Elder Abuse
  • Embezzlement
  • Environmental Crime
  • Extortion Fraud
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Theft
  • Wrongful Imprisonment

What we offer

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