Child Abuse or Child Molestation Investigation: Give children the protection they deserve. Out of all crimes, one of the most horrifying is child abuse. It combines violence, violation of innocence, perversion, and emotional abuse in the most evil and disturbing way. You can never do enough to protect a child from corruption and predators.

 Using TPSC instead, before or along with child welfare workers allows you to find the truth without the perpetrator becoming aware and taking steps to hide the behavior. To really catch them in the act you cannot let them know they are being watched, and such allegations could put you at risk as well.

Child Abuse or Child Molestation

If they gave awards for “Most Cowardly Criminals” child abusers and molesters would win the honor every time. They prey upon the least powerful, most vulnerable people on the planet, our children, and then threaten them to secure their silence. If you believe that a child you love is being abused, neglected, or sexually exploited, their very survival may depend upon your quick and intelligent action.


The State or County where you reside is mandated to investigate all legitimate allegations of child abuse, neglect, or dependency, but their resources and investigative techniques are limited, and their staff is often young and inexperienced in detecting crimes against children. Despite their best intentions, a young social worker may have problems deciding whom to believe, the accused, or the accuser. If your past allegations to a child protection agency have been declared “unsubstantiated,” and you continue to believe that a child is being victimized, a private investigator at TPSC is your next and best step.

Perhaps you suspect child abuse or molestation, but maybe you have not initiated an investigation yet because you don’t wish to alert the perpetrator to your suspicions. Discreet investigation can be implemented by a PI at TPSC to gather evidence before the abuser modifies his/her behavior, making the abuse harder to detect and prove. 

While State and County child welfare workers depend primarily on interview and observation to investigate allegations of physical abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse, private detectives make use of a number of techniques to obtain solid evidence of abuse:

  • Video, Audio, and Photographic Surveillance
  • Undercover, Covert, and Decoy Methods
  • Stake-outs and Sting Operations
  • Records Search and Background Investigations
  • Coordination With Law Enforcement
  • Internet and Other Electronic Tracking
Clearly, these investigative methods can gather essential evidence to successfully stop the abuse and convict the perpetrator of crimes against children.

To help you recognize reportable signs and symptoms of child abuse, neglect, or sexual exploitation we offer you the following common abuse indicators.

Consider the possibility of child abuse when a child:

  • Shows sudden changes in behavior or a downturn in school performance
  • Is unusually vigilant, as though looking for something bad to happen
  • Lacks adult supervision
  • Has unexplained burns, bites, bruises, broken bones, or black eyes
  • Has fading bruises or other marks
  • Seems frightened and protests or cries when it is time to go home, or be alone with certain people
  • Shrinks at the approach of adults; or is overly compliant, or cowers easily at sudden movements or loud noises
  • The child reports injury, or attack by an adult

Consider the possibility of sexual abuse or molestation when a child:

  • Has difficulty walking or sitting, or begins bed-wetting after previously being dry at night
  • Suddenly refuses to change clothes or take a bath
  • Exhibits bizarre, sophisticated, compulsive or unusual sexual knowledge or behavior
  • Becomes pregnant, or contracts a venereal disease
  • Has bleeding from the rectum or vagina
  • The child reports sexual abuse by another child or an adult

Consider the possibility of neglect when a child:

  • Begs or steals food or money, and appears hungry or malnourished
  • Lacks needed medical or dental care
  • Is continually dirty and has body odor
  • Lacks suitable attire for the weather or climate
  • The child reports they are not cared for
Even if the child denies the abuse it is still necessary and diligent to find out for sure.  Many abusers threaten those whom are abused against telling anyone about it.  It is up to you to discern the truth and save the child from any further harm.

The longer child abuse goes on, the less chance exists that a child will make a full physical and emotional recovery. The healing cannot start until the abuse ends, so initiate investigation today if you suspect that a child you care about is being hurt. There is not a second to waste when it comes to the welfare of such an innocent being.

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