Sexual harassment can make your life miserable, whether you are the one being harassed or whether you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment. Either way, the feeling is one of degradation and humiliation. And, because of the nature of sexual harassment, it can be as hard to report harassment as it is hard to defend yourself from false allegations. We at TPSC can help you.

There's just nothing right about sexual harassment. It's degrading and objectifying, and is often very difficult to avoid. It's also embarrassing and humiliating, which sadly keeps many victims from reporting harassment to the proper authorities.

For the people who do, however, they face a tough battle, whether in the courts or with an internal workplace investigation. To maximize the power and effectiveness of your sexual harassment claim, TPSC can conduct several types of thorough investigations, among them surveillance, covert operations, records searches, and stings. Our professional investigators have decades of experience, and will get the facts you require in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

On the other hand, there's even less that's right about being unjustly accused of harassment. Harassment is often very vaguely and subjectively defined by the court system, which can make it very difficult for a defendant in a harassment case to prove his innocence. Again, TPSC gives you the support you need. With our knack for finding facts, we can collect the information you need to build a solid defense. All our investigations are done rigorously in accord with local, state, and federal laws, so everything we find can be admitted to court if necessary.

Sexual Harassment

What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment occurs when someone is asked for sexual favors or is experiencing unwanted sexual advances while at work. Granting sexual behaviors might be tied to job security or advancement. Even if the threat is not overtly stated, working in a situation where these types of behaviors are tolerated can result in working in a hostile environment, which is legally, as well as morally, unacceptable. Both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment at work can be an incredibly difficult situation. For one thing, it is embarrassing to be the object of sexual harassment. It is also embarrassing to have to report sexual harassment incidents, particularly if you think that your report will be received with less than enthusiasm. And, if the person who has been harassing you is your boss or your supervisor, who has usually been known to be believed? Added on top of that is the fact that you probably really, really, really need your job, otherwise you would not be there in the first place. And, if you loose your job because of sexual harassment, what are you going to do? All of this adds up to a miserable experience.

If you are an innocent victim of a sexual harassment accusation, how can you prove your innocence? In some ways, this situation is resembles the “Do you still beat your wife?” question. No matter what you say, you are going to think that you said something that can be interpreted wrongly.

Sexual Harassment Investigations

When TPSC works with you, rest assured that we will see to it that your rights are protected.

Our highly trained investigators will be on the move to help you document your situation in a way that is legally admissible in court if need be. We will help you get your rights.

TPSC sexual discrimination investigators will provide a professional, comprehensive report on your situation, documenting allegations, and getting to the facts of the matter. We can do an inspection of your work place or a physical audit of your working environment to help support your case. We will quickly put together the information that you need so that you can rectify your situation.

We at TPSC also have other means of investigating sexual discrimination charges. We have, at our disposal, the best in today’s technology. Our investigators have years of experience working with sexual discrimination cases and are well versed in the overall legalities involved in these types of cases.

If Swahili/English is not your first language and you do not understand your rights, we have bilingual investigators ready to explain the intricacies to you. Do not ever let language barriers prevent you from living and working in a legal and moral manner.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, contact us now. The longer that you wait, the more miserable your life is going to be. And, if you are the victim of sexual harassment, who knows how many others have had to deal with this prior to you, or, if the situation is not resolved, after? It is time to put a stop to this, NOW.

If you have been unjustly accused of sexual harassment, it is time to take control. The person who is trying to take advantage of the legal system is targeting not only you and your reputation, that person is targeting your livelihood, your family, and your way of life. Do NOT let that person get away with such a heinous act.

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